How To Prepare An Emergency Kit For Your Car in Melfort, SK

Preparing An Emergency Kit For Your Car in Melfort, Saskatchewan

Diamond Dodge stands apart as the preferred Jeep dealership in Melfort, Saskatchewan. Serving the surrounding areas of Porcupine Plain and Prince Albert, we're committed to helping local motorists stay safe. During the winter months, severe weather conditions expose drivers to cold temperatures, snow and ice-covered roads, and low-visibility. We're sharing tips for building a comprehensive winter emergency kit to keep you and your passengers safe until help arrives.

What Your Winter Emergency Kit Should Include

Every good winter-ready car kit will have items for ensuring the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers, as well as a few tools for mitigating potential automotive problems and preventing accidents. To start, make sure that you have:

  • A sturdy tow rope
  • Road flares or reflective triangles
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Jumper cables
  • Antifreeze

It's also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher. Make sure that your spare tire is in good condition and that you've got everything you need for safely changing a flat. Keep a heavy-duty flashlight in the vehicle as well so that you can see when working on your car at night.

Loading Your Trunk

To keep vehicle occupants in good condition, always carry along a comprehensive first aid kit, a seat-belt cutter, bottled water in containers that won't burst upon freezing, and a reasonable amount of shelf-stable food. High-protein snacks like nuts and granola bars are filling, easy to store and transport, and capable of lasting a good long while in your trunk. Jerky meat and dried fruits are also worth adding to your kit. Ultimately, you want satiating foods that won't spoil and that people can enjoy right away. Throw a few heavy blankets in your trunk, extra outerwear, and even a few extra pairs of pants and sweaters. In contrast, this might seem like a lot to haul around, but if you get caught in freezing temperatures, you'll be glad to have them.

Have Winter Tires Installed

Winter tires have a specified tread pattern that bites down into ice and snow, providing more stability and traction to keep your vehicle from sliding around on icy roads. Changing over to winter-appropriate tires will limit your risk of unintentionally exiting your lane, departing the road or failing to stop sufficiently. If you're still travelling around on standard tires, now is the ideal time to search for "winter tires near me."

Wintertime Oil Changes Are Essential

Having your oil changed in winter is essential as cold temperatures tend to cause engine oil to thicken. Before the temperatures drop, you'll want to have an oil with a thinner viscosity put in, and this would also be an excellent opportunity to have all your other fluids topped off.

Schedule an Appointment

Being prepared for the worst will make it easier to drive your vehicle confidently during winter road conditions. To find out more about building a winter emergency kit, schedule a vehicle service, or shop our extensive selection of wintertime auto accessories from our parts department, get in touch with Diamond Dodge today.


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