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Belts & Hoses: Spotting the Warning Signs

Belts & Hoses: Spotting the Warning Signs

If you notice that a belt is screeching when you start up your car or that your car’s hoses are leaking, it’s time to take it in to see a professional. Small cracks, splits, and soft spots in your car’s belts and hoses could cause major issues down the road. There are typically three belts and hoses that cause these issues: timing belt, serpentine belts, and coolant hoses.

Timing belts and serpentine belts typically emit loud screeching noises when there are issues. Sometimes your engine may stall or backfire with a timing belt issue. Serpentine belts may make it difficult to steer your vehicle when damaged. This is because they crack and can’t operate power steering correctly. Coolant hoses may start to crack and leak after a few years, depending on the climate and age of the vehicle.

You should have your belts and hoses checked every 3,000 miles to ensure there are no damages. We can help you with your service and maintenance. Stop by Diamond Dodge and talk to one of our friendly mechanics. We’re the best spot for fast service and specials in Melfort, SK.


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