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First Canadian Protection Plan Product List



Available in either a 3-year, 4-year, or 5-year term.

This package includes:

Repair or replacement of tire

Repair or replacement of rim

All related taxes and levies

Mounting, balancing, and installment

Tire change or towing assist

Zero deductible

Covers original or replacement tires

Coverage is not pro-rated

You can apply to transfer coverage to the next owners

Maximum of 12 repairs per calendar year, with up to $40.00 per occurence

Maximum benefit is $5000.00



Available in either a 3-year, 4-year, or 5-year term.

This package includes:

Deprogramming previous key or remote

Purchasing a new key, refurbished key, or remote

Reprogramming new key or remote

$50.00 deductible for exchanges of non-original manufacturer's key or remote

You can apply to transfer coverage to next owners

*This is only available at time of sale!



Fabric Protection

Forms a strong invisible shield that repels dirt and stops liquids from soaking in.

Guarantees to protect against seat stains due to spills

Leather and Vinyl Protection

Locks in essential oils and pigments, conditions leather and vinyl, and protects against the harsh UV rays.

Guarantees to protect against cracking and hardening




Paint Protection

Fight the sun's powerful UV rays with FCPP's paint protection. The long-lasting sealant protects paint from fading and leaves the surface significantly smoother

Guarantees to protect against excessive discolouration, fading, or oxidation caused by the sun and road salt.

Ceramic Paint Protection

Defy the elements with ceramic protection. Surpassing traditional waxes and sealants, ceramic paint protection is a breakthrough "one-and-done" coating. It is made of a silicon carbide compound, making it hydrophobic and 50% stronger than traditional methods, sealing in your paint to shield from UV rays.




Rust Inhibitor Spray

A synthetic waterproof product that bonds to metal is sprayed into the inner cavities and crevices of your vehicle. It is a one-time application that extends the life of your vehicle from the inside out.

Corrosion Control Module

A breakthrough microprocessor that generates a repetitive pulsing surface current to reduce the oxidation of metal.

Studies show that the Corrosion Control Module can reduce the rate of corrosion by up to 99.7%.




A special formula that protects your vehicle's most vulnerable, high-impact areas by sealing out moisture, shielding from road salt, and acting like a blanket to protect from heat and cold.

An additional perk is that it insulates the undercoat of your vehicle, which reduces vibrations and deadens road noise!



Platinum Security Protection

There are three components to this package:

1. Identification Code- A non-removable, police trackable identification code is etched into all major glass or imprinted onto select body panels. The code is then registered into the national system and cross-referenced by the VIN, the dealership, and the owner.

2. Warning Decal- Decals are put on both the driver and front passenger windows to identify the vehicle as being registered with a national protection company.

3. Theft Recovery- Platinum Security Protection aids in recovering stolen vehicles and provides some benefits in the event of a vehicle theft.


In the event of a theft, if the vehicle is deemed a total loss, you will receive up to $5000.00 towards a new vehicle at the selling dealer. If you were more than 150km away from home at the time of the theft, you will receive a rental vehicle or accommodation reimbursment.


If the vehicle is recovered, you will receive up to $1000.00 towards the comprehensive deductible for the repair of damages, and up to $1000.00 towards your home insurance deductible if you claim for property stolen from the recovered vehicle.

*Please ask for prices as prices vary