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Diamond Dodge Vehicle Detailing in Melfort, SK

One of the most underutilized and overlooked vehicle services is vehicle detailing in Melfort, SK. Most drivers are unaware of the long-term damage inflicted on their vehicles as each season passes and their cars are not professionally and thoroughly cleaned. At Diamond Dodge, we offer auto detailing that helps to restore your vehicle to like-new condition, inside and out. We offer packages that will complement the service you need, and we are committed to providing the most effective detailing services to our customers. Contact us today for more information, and while you're here, don't forget to browse our new inventory of exciting new models in stock today!

Choose Your Vehicle Detailing Professional Wisely

At Diamond Dodge, we care about our community and our drivers. We want to help you look good and drive safely on the roads of Melfort. The maintenance of your vehicle has a direct impact on the safety and value of your vehicle. Detailing your car professionally can help increase your headlamp effectiveness during dark drives. Exhaust cleaning can shave off years of rust accumulation and repair, so you must find the right Service Centre.

If you are searching for car care professionals and vehicle detailing near Melfort, SK, you need to visit Diamond Doge. Our service professionals understand your vehicle's needs, and we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service.


Diamond Dodge Auto Detailing

Here at Diamond Dodge, in Melfort, Saskatchewan, we offer auto detailing. We help to restore your back to a like-new condition. Whether your vehicle needs a deep clean on the Interior or Exterior, Diamond Dodge Is committed to providing the best-detailing services to our customers. Contact us today to browse through our new inventory today.

The detailing process usually starts with a deep cleaning of the Interior, including vacuuming, stain removal on the seats and carpets, steam cleaning and glass cleaning. You can also opt for a complete cleaning on the exterior of the vehicle. You can choose to clean, polish and buff out small pieces of dirt or scratches on the surface, as well as tire cleaning, trim cleaning and a full shampoo. Unique materials are then used to cover the scratches and the dents, which is the essence of polishing-polishing buffs an abrasive compound onto the car's paint to remove small layers of clear coat. Afterwards, colouring is done, followed by a paint protection coat to give the car a sparkling look. Detailing offered at Diamond Dodge comes in several service packages, including:

Detailing Packages & Car Wash Specials

The Bronze package

The Bronze package includes exterior steam wash and wax, wheel cleaning/Tire dressing; Interior vacuuming, Interior steam sterilization, A/C vent sterilization, Floor mat steaming, Interior wipe down and door jam cleaning.

The Silver Package

The Silver package entails everything in the Bronze package, including a clay bar treatment, Bug/Sap/Tar removal, wax application and plastic/rubber trim reconditioning.

The Diamond Package

The Diamond package contains everything in the Silver package plus; Interior shampoo scrub, leather reconditioning, Interior plastic treatment and clean exhaust tips and headlight spot cleaning.

Our auto detailing and car wash Specials offers a more thorough wash; detailed dashboard cleaning, carpet and trunk vacuuming, wiping seats and washing all fabric carpets. We appreciate our community, especially our seniors; that's why we offer a senior carwash special with discounted fees and other perks.

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You're welcome to browse through our new inventory in our showroom and contact us today at Diamond Dodge for more information on our services and products. We do offer other services such as value your trade and Auto Credit Application.

Detailing and Car Wash Specials in Melfort, SK

Diamond Dodge offers Bronze, Silver, and Diamond detailing packages, allowing you to choose the level of care your vehicle needs at a low cost. Depending on your selected package, the detailing process usually starts with a deep clean of the interior and exterior rejuvenation. Our Package offerings vary from steam sterilization to deep interior cleaning and from removing minor exterior scratches to paint protection coating. Visit our Service Centre for more details and to check out our detailing and car wash specials.

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