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How to Charge a Car Battery with a Portable Charger

How to Charge a Car Battery with a Portable Charger

We appreciate you at Diamond Dodge, and we want you to be an informed car driver. You never know where you might be when your car's battery drains. To help you easily drive back home, we offer tips today that can help you easily recharge your battery with a portable charger.

First, locate your portable battery charger, and pop your hood. Quickly familiarize yourself with your charger's components. Portable chargers vary, so read the instructions that came with yours. Next, find your battery's positive terminal and negative terminal. The former carries a plus sign, and the latter has a minus symbol. Connect the charger's red clamp to your battery's positive terminal, then attach the black clamp to the negative terminal. Turn on your charger and follow its instructions. Your battery should soon accept a charge.

All batteries have lifespans, so yours may not accept a charge. Alas, such a battery requires replacement.

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