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How to Make Sense of Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

How to Make Sense of Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

Melfort, SK drivers preparing for oil changes have more options to consider than just conventional or synthetic motor oil. Which viscosity rating you select will also play a role when obtaining the optimal motor oil for your vehicle. Viscosity is simply a metric of an oil's thickness and flow resistance.

Oils of higher viscosity work well with a vehicle's engine at hotter temperatures, but oils of lower viscosity work best with your car's engine at cooler temperatures. If you are preparing for an upcoming oil change are confused by figures like "10W-30" on a motor oil's label, then learning to make sense of such figures will have a positive impact when you stop by the service department at Diamond Dodge for your car's next oil change.

The oil's low-temperature viscosity is listed before the W, and the oil's high-temperature viscosity is printed after the W. The second number comes into effect once an engine is hot.


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