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How to Use a Roof Rack?

How to Use a Roof Rack?


Remember the old days when your father, brother, or uncle would tie the family Christmas tree to the top of the old jalopy to bring it home? If you were lucky, your family had a pickup truck or a roof rack to help carry items. Well, these days many of the SUVs coming off the assembly lines have a roof rack already attached. If they don’t then you can have one installed.

The first thing you need to know about a roof rack is that it has a separate load limit than the limit for the roof of your vehicle. Always check the weight-bearing limit of your roof before hoisting loads onto your car top and driving around Melfort to deliver your loads.

To make things easier, come to Diamond Dodge Jeep Ram and we will coach you through your load limits. We can also install one if you want it.

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