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Keep Pet Hair Out of Your Car

Keep Pet Hair Out of Your Car

Keeping the interior of a car clean is a challenging duty. Pet owners often find the task overwhelming. Some choose to purchase spacious vehicles to accommodate a large dog, which then means more seats covered in hair. Even subcompact vehicles can suffer the same fate. Did you know brushing your dog before putting it inside the car might cut back on the problem?

Taking precautionary steps could keep hair out. Some even boost safety. Placing a dog inside a carrying container and then using seat covers does a lot of good. Prevention, however, doesn’t always work. No worries.

Pet owners in Melfort, SK have solutions. Vacuuming takes up hair, provided you have the right attachment. A brush attachment works. And you can use tape, be it duct tape or packing tape, could pick up strands.

Do you have any detailing or maintenance concerns? An appointment with the service department at Diamond Dodge may solve things.


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