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Loading an SUV Safely

Loading an SUV Safely

When heading out on an extensive road trip, it is not unusual for families to take along a variety of items that must be carried in the rear or on top of the vehicle. However, if common sense and caution are not used, disasters may occur.

Pack emergency items where they are easily accessible, which may include beneath seats and in the glove compartment. Flashlight, tools and first aid kits are items that should be readily available. Consider packing clothes and personal hygiene items in duffel bags or similar soft-cornered devices instead of traditional suitcases. Put them in last to be easily retrieved.

Bring moist towelettes, paper towels and trash bags for cleaning spills and removing litter. Keep phone chargers and accessories in the glove compartment. Pack beverages, snacks, and finger foods to enjoy along the way. By putting a cooler in the vehicle's rear first, the food is easily found. Before your next road trip, stop by our Melfort, SK Diamond Dodge garage for a safety inspection.

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