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MOPAR Vehicle Protection Coverage Is Here

MOPAR Vehicle Protection Coverage Is Here


Car tires and wheels continuously deal with stress on the road. Wear and tear become impossible to avoid. Sadly, so do nails and other sharp objects on the road. Chrysler's MOPAR tire and wheel protection deal could save drivers from unwanted hassles.

Purchasing the coverage affords protection against many common hazards. Potholes, curbs, and more won't automatically lead to spending hundreds of dollars on repairs. There is no deductible, and even the cost of the sensor gauge may be included. A towing deal further adds to the value.

Vehicles do need to meet eligibility requirements. The requirements aren't excessive. Current model years and ones up to 4 years and 80,000 kilometres are eligible for New Vehicle plans, and older models may qualify for Pre-Owned plans. If eligible, choose an appropriate plan ranging from two to seven years.

Never take any chances with tires, wheels, or other parts. Come to the service department at Diamond Dodge to take care of maintenance and other vehicle issues.


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